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Dear Readers

The last time I posted was… Five months ago! *grasp*

When I started this blog, the idea was to write everything that is going on as fast as I could. I did not realise exactly how much of a challenge this would prove to be however this is a new month, I new season and I have a new mind-set. With this new mind-set, I intend to accept and conquer the challenge of writing as much as I can on a more regular basis.

However, before I do this, I need to sort somethings out which is why I’ll be putting this blog on private for a while until I can get my head together.

In a a couple of weeks, or maybe even days, new content will be uploaded and the blog will be updated to match my new mind-set which I think will be better for me as well as you.

If you have been following my blog, I apologise for letting you down and to make up for it, I promise to devote more time and effort to informing and entertaining you.

Thank You For Your Support


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