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What about the “Typical Girls”?

Anyone that knows me knows that I love to read. Like all the time. I love books with strong female characters that can kick ass just as much, and even better than, the boys. However, lately I’ve been noticing a trend with the most popular teen books.

All of their main female protagonists are mainly (but not limited to) massive books worms, fashion and shopping fiends, consider themselves incredibly plain even though they are not, have almost no way with words even though they spend almost all their free time with a book in front of their eyes and they always always always get the drool-worthy guy who is built like a “Greek God” with abs you would wash your clothes on because he is so tired of all the girls who wear make-up and laugh at their jokes and have self-confidence and are pissed as hell because they work hard for his attention and when they finally get it, he ditches them for a “not so pretty” girl that thinks they are sluts because their dress is short and their favourite shops are designer places she has never heard off. The bookish protagonist constantly points out how she is not a “typical girl” and her knight-in-shining-armour loves her because of this. I have one question though: what about the “Typical Girl”?


Secondly, why are they always the bitches in the story?


And thirdly, is there even such a thing as a “Typical Girl”?

In most cases, although my research is sketchy, a typical girl is the type of girl that wears dresses, can stand for hours in heels, goes gaga over Prada (and other brands), is materialistic, wears (and knows how to use) make-up and loves shopping among other things.

Have you seen those pictures of girls wearing hoodies and a bun that says “I’d rather wear a hoodie and sneakers than short skirts and heels. #NotYourTypicalGirl” or “I’d rather eat a Big Mac than a salad” or something along those lines. Does that even make sense? How can you even define a girl as being typical? Why would you want to?

Things like this feed to the stereotype that girls who like to look pretty are capable of doing only that (Legally Blonde ring any bells? Girls who get their nails done and think of shopping sprees as heaven are “too girly”. Well, excuse me but I am a girl so why would I not want to be girly?  Girls who eat salads are obsessed with their weight or only really self-conscious girls eat salads. The worst part is that people are buying into this. Suddenly, the only true or real girls are the girls who don’t wear make-up and use sneakers. Are the rest of us plastic dolls or something then?

The truth is it goes down to the basics of feminism. Yes, own your beauty! Own what you prefer! Own your individuality! Do not put other women done even in subtle ways just because they are not like you.

A girl that is confident is a beautiful girl whether she is confident about her looks, talents, ability to read a 700 page book in one day or how fabulous her wardrobe is. There is no such thing as a typical girl because just like a onion, every girl has layers that are different and  make her different from every other girl.

The cute, “Greek God” sexy, Prince Charming is not always going to go for the supermodel type just like how he won’t go after the anime enthusiast all the time and sometimes the supermodel is also the anime enthusiast. Too often we try to label people most probably to make it easier for our brains but the truth is there is no such thing as having one label (we are all divergents  here, people!). Therefore, the whole assigning labels and believing the stereotypes have to fall.


A girl is more than her extra-mini skirt or over-sized sweater. She is a wonderful, complex creation that has the power to do amazing things when she tries. She is more than the glittering jewels, perfect hair and 5 inch heels or make-up free, messy bun and ballet flats. A girl should not be judged by how she dresses or what she likes. She should not be criticised for liking things considered “too girly” or for not liking them at all.

Being who you are and who you want to be is what is important

Before you start comparing yourself to others, or even comparing the girl you’re with, to others, just keep in mind that individuality is what makes the world so great. There is no such thing as a typical girl. And every girl will get her happiness.


3 thoughts on “What about the “Typical Girls”?

  1. Girlfriend!😄
    I’m so proud of you🙌
    I really LOVE this. Now I will forever live by”Own your beauty. Own what you prefer. Own your individuality. ”

    Can’t wait for”Shake it off”💃


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow.
    I really really really love this.

    I feel like young adult books and romcom movies have perpetuated this idea of “The Plastics” vs “The Plain Janes”. And completely left out the part where some of us can be borderline bookaholics yet still love make-up and rock a pretty dress.

    Just because I have blonde hair and occasionally wear pink – I should not be put into a certain box by default.

    These cliché Hollywood storylines are creating a divide in Girl World.
    We should be celebrating our differences and stop girl on girl hate.

    PS. Check out Lilly Singh’s (aka iiSuperwomanii) #GirlLove campaign.

    PPS. I especially loved the Shrek [onion] reference.

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