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Shake It Off

Taylor Swift is like my favourite singer ever and her music, despite what haters say, is really good. Honestly, her music has taught me a lot and continues to inspire me everyday but the one song that takes the top space in my life has got to be “Shake It Off” because well, the haters are gonna hate and the players are gonna play. When that eventually happens, the best thing anyone can do is shake it off.


The song basically highlights almost all the crappy stuff people say about T.S. and she owns it. She owns her crappy, hilarious dancing and she acknowledges what people say about her then she shows them that they do not truly know her thus their opinions do not really matter.

The song is not just there for T.S. to address her haters though, it’s also encouragement to the people that hear the song to get them through whatever it is they are going to. Honestly, life can sometimes get so hard to handle. This is a pressurizing place and sometimes everyone messes up. This does not mean that you suddenly have to abandon civilisation and hide under your covers grieving ย for what could have been. NO WAYS!! It simply means that tomorrow you get up and try again and again until you get it right.

If people have something bad to say about you, just shake it off. I know it’s easier said then done but what else can you do? People are bullies and get a kick out of putting others down while some just don’t realise the full impact of their words. It becomes so easy to think that their words define you but this is not the case. The truth is no one actually knows everything about you even if they think they do. And sometimes our biggest strengths are the things that no one can ever see.


So what if you have a mistake or someone bad mouths you?! Mistakes should be treated as lessons and can make the future so much better for you. There are going to be people that can do it better than you but that does not mean that you have to give up, it just means that you got to put in more work.

Every flop is a step in the right direction. If people can’t see how amazing you are then you do not need them in your life because people like that can only bring you down and you deserve to be treated better than that.

I have this awful habit of beating myself up over seemingly insignificant things. I just can’t help it. Often times it’s things that no one else is even thinking about but it hovers in my head telling me that I suck. Which sucks. However lately I’ve been trying to follow the advice in this song. When I mess up, I shake it off. When I hear something unflattering about myself, I shake it off. When I feel like the whole world is just crashing around me like its the apocalypse, I (You Guessed It!) shake it off.


I’ve also developed a new habit. You know sometimes you wake up and you just feel down? You aren’t sure why but you just feel down. Well, I’ve finally jumped over this hurdle. I created a playlist with all the songs that just get me into a happy mood and when I feel low, I just play it and sing along until I feel better again which usually happens pretty fast. It motivates me to embrace life and to take chances. And… once you start your day off in a good mood, nothing throughout your day can truly ruin it and there is something that comes close to ruining my day, I just remember why I’m on this path and what my future holds for me. I shake those nasty feelings off as well and it works every time.

There’s nothing wrong with smiling through the pain or dancing through the depression. Being sad and alone is the worst thing you can be because it is not good for your mind, body or soul. Often people judge people who try to make the best out of everything but if you had to ask them if they were truly happy with life, they’d probably not be able to give you an answer because they know the truth and it is not pretty.

So try it! Try looking at the bright side instead of letting the bad side get you down. Everyone deserves happiness and the truth is only YOU CAN MAKE YOU HAPPY!

”ย Just think while you’ve been getting down and out about the liars and the dirty, dirty cheats of the world,
You could’ve been getting down to this sick beat.”

Happiness is a choice and the only way to it is to shake all the bad stuff right off your shoulders and embrace the happy side of life. When you do this then you will find that it’s easier to continue on the road to your destiny and find what you have been looking for all this time.



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