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Friends Through It All

If there is one thing I have learned in University, it is that friends will come and go, or rather, that most will come and go. There are some of us who are lucky to be able to say that we are still friends with people we have been friends with since, well, forever. I am glad to say that I am one of those lucky people.

Of course, a lot has changed. We have grown up a bit since we last saw each other, we have conquered many obstacles and we have changed in many ways. The one thing that has not changed is that we still care about each other. We still try to keep in touch even though it is hard. We support each other. Sometimes we fail to be there at the right time. Sometimes we lose touch for a couple months. However I found that when it is real friendship there, it becomes so easy to pick up right where we left off. We can reminisce and catch-up. It flows freely because it is not coming from our heads anymore, it is coming from our hearts and anything that comes from a heart is beautiful and pure, a miracle full of magic.

Friendship, at least the real kind, is also all of this. I think that is something we only really realise when we get older. When I first started school, I had a lot of temporary friends. I thought the bigger my circle was, the happier I would be. Boy, I was wrong. Instead all that surrounded me was drama, back-stabbing and terrible rumours. Eventually I became a bit of a loner. This was just as bad. There was a lot more rumours and a lot more challenges. Then I moved away and found my rhythm. I made incredible friendships with incredible people. Then I moved again and I got to make new friendships with more incredible people.

Through everything they supported me and I did my best to support them. I have watched them, albeit from a far, grow as people and accomplish incredible things. I have never felt more proud in my life. I know these incredible people! They inspire me everyday! They have strength, confidence and even at their lowest they find a way to stand up.

This is my thank you to all the wonderful people I get to call my friends. This is my acknowledgement of all your achievements. You are incredible.

This is also my plea. I wish more people would aspire to be their best self rather than look at what their “friends” have and be jealous of it. Why would you want to be like anyone else when you can be you? We all have that unique something that we add to this world. We all have goals we want to achieve. The thing you have to remember is to go at your own pace. Stay in your own lane and you will get to the place you want to be.

As people, our first instinct should be to be nicer, happier people. Humans are social beings so, for me, it makes sense that we would want to build each other up. We would want to support each other.

This world has become so dangerous but what if we all treated each other kindly? What if it started with treating our family with respect and love? What if we started supporting our friends through it all? What if we helped our peers or colleagues? What if we were better people?

One thing my friends have taught me is that being yourself is beautiful and that being a good person is everything. I am glad to have people in my life that help me through it all, that stand with me through it all.

Thank you to the incredible people who helped me through every challenge. Friendship is wonderful which is why we should be friends to everyone.


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